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Reinas Baseball is and Girl’s and Women's Baseball Organization dedicated to expanding the racial, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity within the girl’s baseball community.

Based in New York City, we offer NYC girls leadership, community service, and elite baseball training opportunities, all while being completely cost-free for each athlete.

Currently, we are comprised of one team with girls aged 14-18, but by Spring of 2022, the Reinas will expand into more teams of all youth age groups. ​

Every girl should have the opportunity to play baseball.

Transgender & Non-Binary Atheltes encouraged to join!

lack of resources

“Urban girls, especially girls of color, often face unique barriers to participation in sports. Many have jobs in order to supplement family incomes, while others take care of siblings at home. In some ethnic groups, parental support for girls’ athletic participation may be lacking.” - The Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) Study


The sport of baseball lacks diversity even on the men’s professional level (2% Asian, 7% Black, 27% Latino)

For girl's baseball, statistics such as these do not exist yet, but through personal experiences and demographics drawn from the sport of softball, we know that the racial disparities in girl’s baseball are even greater than in professional baseball.

high costs

The average cost for a Baseball Tournament for 1 player and a guardian is about $2K (Registration, Uniforms, Travel, Lodging, Food).

 This whopping cost is nearly 1.5x the average low-income monthly apartment cost of $1,300. How can low-income families be expected to attend these tournaments especially if the family has multiple members?

the problems we solve

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